Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello December

It's my month!  Yeap, I'm born in the month of December.  Lolzzz!!  I am just trying to start something for this post.  >.<

So I draw my eyebrows everyday to work so I don't look like ah gua and scared all the customers away.  @@
Look at my eyebrows, nicer right?  I mean I must draw lo, if I never draw then I will really ugly...  I am waiting waiting waiting for my brow to grow... (why you no grow fast fast?)

Okay enough of my pics and about my appearance (someone told me yesterday to protect my 色相, which means appearance...  I wonder I got 色相 one meh?  Lolzzz).

Last Thursday night when I was sleeping, suddenly I feel someone splashing water to my face. I was having sweet dream leh, but the water woke me up!  So I open my eyes saw my roof are leaking!!!  Water are dropping from the roof!!! omfg!!!
(It was 2am)
Quickly I woke mommy up and asked them to help me, the amount of water leaking is like heavy rain!  AND it wasn't only came from a place but almost all corner of my roof!!!!  So pek cek.  
And so after find out the main source of causing this happen I lagi pek cek, because the tangki at the roof there that leak is not ours!  It was our neighbour one!!!  Damn F them la, they know their tangki leak before already but they don't want to change a new tangki but only repair it.  Hello!  If you repair for one or two times and it still leak please change la...  Now third time d still wanna repair...  I don't mind of your tangki leak and cause your own freaking bed wet but NOW we have to bear the consequences because of your attitude!!!  
My bed all wet!!! Can you see yellow yellow spot on the floor?  That's the water from the roof!  The bed absorb the water and when I brought down outside the water still drip one lo!!!  So geli...  My study table all spoiled at the bottom part because of the water d....  People flood only will kena downstairs, but now my room flood!!!  

(take deep breath)  Aih, nevermind la, it has passed and they also didn't want this to happen also.  All I hope now is they change a new tangki la, I don't want to have such problem anymore....

Yesterday Joe is back to Kuantan, so we had dinner together.  SATAY!!!
See, the tutor sent me all this advises.  It has been awhile since the last time he sent me what he read.  Hey, I got try to apply one lo kay.  I'm trying so hard to change and turn into a better person now.

ps: December, please be nice to me!!!
pss: I need more sales please.... 囧

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