Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gaining Weight

I don't know why I am gaining weight now.  Seriously this is like really fml because if you know I'm actually on diet and working out to slim down!  Supposedly I should be losing weight but instead of that I'm now gaining weight somemore gained 2kg!  Damn!!!
I think this is really funny and irony, don't you think so?  I am actually on diet but gaining weight instead of losing weight!  Argh...  Can't believe that.

I don't know why I am now always grave for food.  I get hungry easily, feel like wanna eat something easily and even feel wanna eat all the time!  As long as there is something to put into my mouth I would be satisfy.  I feel like I'm a monster right now, an eating monster, because I eat none stop.  *pout*
This is not a good thing, I feel like I'm sick now.  Usually after I had oat (okay this sound sucks for those who don't really eat oat) I can stop my eating desire, but recently I still want to eat something to kill the desire of eating.  


I went to yoga almost 3 times every week but recently somemore gain weight.  I am pretty sure something goes wrong with me.  Where got people diet with controlling what they eat and exercise but also gain weight one?!  

Okay, I believe most of you already feel annoying with this post already because I keep repeating of I'm gaining weight which you already get what I want to say.  I am sorry lo!  I was thinking I have been long time didn't update blog ma, so I should keep this long long ma... Hahaha!

Okay la... I don't think it will be another long long while until my next post...  

ps: popoye~

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