Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hi Everybody

It has been really awhile I didn't update blog already.  I really been so so lazy recently where blogging is no longer my hobby anymore.  So sad to hear this right?  I am sad too!!!  I never know that I would have abandon this blog like this, cause I told myself before that I gonna continue blogging even after I start to work!  

After these long long while, my life didn't become super happening, even some of the time I have to spend my whole weekend at home doing panda's life, (eat sleep and eat sleep), so boring and so no life at all!  SO NOT HAPPENNING!  
What is with me right now is I have no life at all, staying at home when I don't have thing to do.  Nobody ask me out because Kuantan here got no where to go too!  When I have really things to do like travelling around, that must be because of work!  Damn! why I so got no life?!  Argh...

Now already July.  
I have been working for more than half a year now, so many things I need to learn.  I still have super long way to go but I don't know where is my destination!  In another way of talking, I don't know what I want at the moment.  I don't have goal at all!  LoLzzz...

I am good at the moment, still staying single and because of this my colleagues keep urge me to go find one.  They believe with my condition I should be able to get one unless I am the one who being so fussy about choosing boyfriend.  LoL  I don't know about this because I don't think I am choosy... I only know one thing, if I don't have feel towards a person, is impossible to start a relationship!  

And if you know me well, I am a little independent, a little annoying, a little fat, a little ugly, a little boyish, so some of them out there think that I'm lesbian (merely because of I'm being boyish and like to watch boy's cartoon like dragon ball...  Lol).  I'm not lesbian for sure!  I am normal and I'm interested in guys not girls although sometimes I like to look at pretty and hot girls.  Hahaha!  (I suppose that is normal :p)

So I'm being muka tembok now, if you have friends in good condition and you think suitable to me, please do let me know so we can be friends.  (expand my social network as well)  LoL!  This is not because I'm desperate la, but I just want to have more friends cause I realize I have been putting myself into a cage for long and need to be free again.  Lolxx

Last but not least, don't forget to help me to look out for good guys ya!  Hehe~

ps: tomorrow is Monday
ps: and I'm blue now

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  1. No doubt.. straight away from your heart !!!!