Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Hello Kitty Mission Accomplished

I had Mc Donald for almost once every week just to collect the Hello Kitty.  Mommy was nagging at me for spending money on those unrealistic stuffs.  What to do, it was in all sudden that I want to collect them all!

The Hello Kitty collection started on the 25th of April, so I started to have mcd on that day.  Luckily sis was the one who had to eat all the 'unhealthy' food.  LoL! #evilsmile So that's mean I didn't have to eat mcd food to get Hamburglar, then JT was nice enough to help me to get Grimace since he is going to get himself one!  Yeah, I am luckily enough that I don't have to eat mcd for 4 weeks continuously!
I just ate 2 times mcd to get 4 Hello Kitty-s!

That's not the main thing after all.  I am so glad that there are only 4 Hello Kitty to be collected or else I think I will start to hate mcd for doing that kind of promotion cause I will have to eat all those food when I'm actually on diet just to get Hello Kitty.  
If that really happens, I think I will never get closer to my ideal weight! wtf
And then when people ask me why I cannot reach my ideal weight, I think I will blame that to Hello Kitty. #facepalm

Still mission accomplished!  I don't have to eat mcd for the sake of Hello Kitty anymore which means I can get back to my diet routine which I still having heavy food during lunch time.  fml
I gonna keep all this until my grandchildren (if I managed to get married and having grandchildren) then ask them to keep for their grandchildren then sell them with super high price!  LoL!  Sucks investment ever... XD

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