Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Resolution

Omg!  Can you imagine that today is already 2014!!!  Now I have to start to adapt myself from writing the date in 2013 already.  Omg, new year already which means I am heading to another year older! omfg!!!

Getting to the news of the new year, my company has just set new rules for us which we have more commitment now compare to last year.  I heard my boss said this time will be serious case and if we didn't able to do as what asked we will be set.  I am really got shock but pretend to be nothing.  (You know la... Me...)  Nah... get set will be in a while.  I know.  So I need to get back up before it comes!  Lolzzzzz

Back to the topic.  My new year resolution.  
I never wanted to have one until my uni-mates, ML and SW taught me so...  So now I am going to continue mine here.  Seriously, I never really read through what I set last year.  #shame on me  I just wrote there and left them for a year, JUST LIKE THAT.  fml

Let's preview to the last year first see how many I have achieve.  You can either see the bottom pic which I had snip from my blog of last year, or go to this link to have a look.
  1. PASS cause I did have lots of fruit and vege especially when my face got worst.  Lolzzz  
  2. PARTIALLY cause I did have exercise but only like twice a week or once a week.  Stress make me so lazy and feel wanna sleep all the time.  :'( 
  3. if I take the weight that I measure that time on the day I wrote my resolution for 2013, I guess I consider passed this one too cause my weight currently still remain as the day!  But in the middle I did lose some weight and I gained back at the end of the year.  So I consider this one as PASS lolzzzz.
  4. FAIL.  omg, I feel myself so useless....  
  5. FAIL...  another one.  I didn't do what I asked for myself at all!  really fml...
  6. yeap, I am out of probation already~! Good one but of course it is not because I am capable enough but because boss gave too high of expectation on me.  He told me so that I shouldn't been getting any confirmation with my result now!  thanks boss!!!  about the promotion thingy, er...  I failed la... so PARTIALLY  lo~ hahaha!
  7. I paid mommy more that I asked for!  So I am PASS for this one! yeah~
  8. okay... this one super FAIL cause I didn't control my mood but a friend (the tutor) guided me all along.  thanks dude!
So that's it for my previous resolutions.  Sucks right?  I think that too!  only 3/8 pass, 2/8 partially, and 3/8 fail!  Lolzzzz

However I got so many that fail, but I got many things through the year!  I get to know a good friend in this year who guided me so much.  I finally bought a new car which I am now have more commitment compare to last time.  I lost a lot but in the same time I gain a lot (not in the meaning of my weight k), so I am glad of everything I have now.  I don't want to be too greedy to ask for more.  God will give if He thinks I work for it.  So, just do it

Let's go to the new resolution for this year.
  1. Hopefully I can stay in this company for another year which I had been promised myself to work for another year (all together 2 years) for experience.  (if you have noticed I actually suffer a lot in this company mentally, but I know this is the way of learning and growing)
  2. Continue to pay mommy at least RM500 per month although I now have to pay for car loan!
  3. Do as what asked by boss even though I think the mission this time is very difficult. *pout*
  4. Get more friends (this is as per requested by someone) which means add more friend into my real friend list.
  5. Stay healthy, pretty and slim so I can fit into more nice clothes! Haha (so means that I need to earn more money or find a rich bf! wtf)
  6. Buy a laptop or tablet for myself so can be more convenient when bring my laptop out.  Need a long lasting battery life-span and small enough but can use Microsoft Office in it.
I think that's all la...  I don't dare to simply set resolution already, so paiseh if I didn't really fulfill what I aimed for!  #shame on me
Okay la, stop day dreaming already!  Let's fight for a better tomorrow in this wonderful year!  
#challenge accepted!

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