Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year Resolution (2013)

Gonna set new year resolution for myself so I can see this in my blog and achieve it one by one with discipline not motivation. 

1. definitely stay healthy like eat more vegetables and fruits.

2. continue my exercise at least 3 times per week.  (which I think that must be at least cause I don't want to grow fatter)

3. make sure I'm not getting or gaining weight because someone just told me that people work started to work (in the current company) gained weight.  I want to be the exceptional, so challenge accepted.

4. aim for the Greece trip for next year so I have to work super smart this year.

5. get at least 80% of my quota.  I don't think this is easy la, but I have to do what I want to do by controlling my own mindset but not others to control me.

6. six months of probation ma, so I hope to get confirmation on the 6th month and get promoted at least a level at the end of the year.  

7. now I'm working already, forcing myself to spend smart and save smart.  Of course not to forget to pay at least RM300 to mommy for the first 6 months of the year and then at least RM500 for the following months.

8. Be more discipline as in do not affect by the mood itself.  The brain control my instead of the heard control me.

Sound tough right?  I think that's tough too, but what to do?  If I don't really list out what I want to do I might take it for granted and might just ignore what I want to achieve.  Sometimes goal is to achieve and failure is to learn.  Making different is easy but to making different with outstanding result is difficult. 
I know that some of you might think I'm full of energy and motivation now, but actually I'm not.  I'm just trying to be outstanding, that's all.  

Okay, I will do my best on what I want especially all that is listed above.  

ps: noted that I will do my best not try my best. *wink*

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