Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Third Day of CNY (大年初三) + nonsense

Sorry for the long late post. =)

It has been a disaster since I woke up.  I knew that today I will have to go back home (Ktn) alone and I was planned to go back with daddy as he is going back from Ipoh too!  I didn't plan to go back with relatives who also live in Kuantan and also going back on the same day as I am because he didn't give me the confirmation earlier.  
So at the end I still insisted to go back myself with daddy.

It wasn't easy to ask bro to fetch me to Temerloh to meet daddy.  As like the whole family got into trouble just because of me but the selfishness in me told me that I should go on with my own plan because I knew I will regret for not going back with daddy.  I don't want to feel any regret on what I do.
And so I reached Kuantan with daddy.

So the new dog Dan Dan is at my house now.  Both of the dogs, Dong Dong and Dan Dan are unable to stay together peacefully.  For your information both are male dogs.  So I guess you would understand why they can stay together.  Males tends to fight with each other to get their own territory, especially dogs.  So Dong Dong is unhappy with the existence of Dan Dan.

Well, they fought!  I too got the present from them when they fought.  
The result after they fought!  I am the one who got hurt.  This happened on the 12th and I can still feel the pain.  sobs...

I don't know why, he is cute (Dan Dan) but I don't like him at all.  I feel that he is dirty even though I had bath for him.  I dislike his smell and will wash my hand frequently after I touch him.  I never feel Dong Dong is dirty even though he hasn't bath for 2 weeks and I like to touch him and hug him.  I really am not an animal lover.  I can spare my love to the other dog!  (I'm so loyal. wtf)

ps: daddy faster bring Dan Dan back, none of us willing to share Dong Dong's love to him!  >.<"

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