Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mommy's Birthday!

Last year I wasn't around for mommy's birthday but this year I am around and able to give her something.  I didn't want to give surprise cause every time when I want to give her surprise, my surprise will never work but she will give me a big scold in return.  So I decided not to give her surprise this year and tell her straight on her face that I want to celebrate her birthday by doing this and that.
It has been long time since my last photo warming of myself.  Today I gonna take some.  Yeah, I know I'm acting cute which made most of you feel disgust.  
Went to Cherating Steak House which I never been there before but bro and mommy had been there.  The food there is actually same as the food in Sherwood.  If you would ask me, I will suggest to go Cherating Steak House because the space there bigger!
They even have nice decoration for this Chinese New Year!  Cool right! =)

Mama and sis took photo without me because I was the photographer.  Lol
My all time favourite Fish n' Chip!  Seriously the portion is like so damn big until I can't finish my fries.  Really the food there are nice and I would finish everything if I could but my stomach really can't fit the portion that they gave.  I wish bro wasn't on diet so he could help me to finish my portion too but too bad that he couldn't because he was on diet.  Lol!  (we were trying to look good on CNY)

After the dinner, brought mama to ECM to have her bag shopping due to her handbag has already spoiled.  Seriously, I had told her not to save my money while choosing the bag but parents are always care too much of whether we have enough money to use or not, so I only managed to spend less than 1k on her.  (I know all these don't really enough la) Anyway, this is the only thing I can do for her when I have the ability to. =)

Happy Belated mama~

ps: this post should have posted on the 4th of February but I was so lazy and keep procrastinate until now.  Lol!!  Please forgive me! =p

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