Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Second Day of CNY (大年初二)

It is second day of Chinese New Year.  For Chinese, usually for those who stay near to each other got married, they would say today is the day to go back to the wife's hometown.  So today there would be more of them (relatives) come back to grandma's house.  For the wives, their hometown is far away which takes them more than 5 hours journey from here, so they rather take alternatives yearly to go back their hometown.

Early in the morning I was woke up by mommy to see the Lion Dance performance.  I slept at nearly 2am last night and I was woke up for the lion dance at 9am, seriously lack of sleep.
I really don't think the performance is nice but I can't complain much because they are just kids who younger than me!  I don't think I can do better than them neither. @.@
After the lion dance of course not forget to take photo of myself.  Okay, I know I am really too SS dy... wtf
Oh of course not forget to put my photo together with little cousin's.  He is so cute!  Seriously really hope I have my own kids now... >.<
At night we have something awesome! =)
Say YAY to steambot!  I always love to have steambot because we can have lots of different food to eat.  Too bad I still need to take care with my body shape and my stomach has become smaller, so I didn't able to eat them all... LoL!
They are really lots of food!  Okay, I really don't wanna accept the reality but I am pretty sure that I gonna gain another 2 kg during these few days. fml.
Anyway, there shouldn't be any diet or slimming session during CNY!  So I think I should continue eating and start my diet plan after CNY.  LoL! =p

ps: tomorrow going back home...

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