Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chinese New Year, Chor Yat (初一)

After the wonderful reunion lunch yesterday of course is the time for us to wear pretty pretty, handsome handsome and take ang pao today!  Since this is another year of having real whole family reunion (as in all the relatives are in grandma's house!) 
Well, I didn't take photo on the eve, but my cousin did.  You may go to his album to have a look on his photos if he didn't private that album.  LoL!  Oh, don't expect to find me in that album because I didn't really get out from the room cause I really sick with the smoke around plus I was taking care my little cousin who was sleeping when the fire crackers flying around.  
Cute little fella. <3 p="">

So today is the official first day of this Big Celebration Day.  All of us are so pretty and I believe that none of you can really recognize any of us. =p
The photographer simply took this one while we were arranging our position and standing... LoL
Take 1
Take 2
One with simply funny and cute pose!  Everybody has their very own style!  LoL!
A big family right?  I also think that!  That's why I always love to celebrate CNY with them.  (damn, seriously lucky that I'm already slim down a little so I wouldn't look so terrible in all the pictures.  wtf)

And of course not forget to take some of my ss photo.
Okay, I know this could make you all feel disgusted and annoying but I don't care!  LoL, I still want to put these photos in my blog. =p
Of course not forget to take some with grandma and sis.  Still feel sad for not taking with mommy because when I want to take with her, she will definitely got something to do.  What to do?  No choice lo, but take with her tomorrow lo... =p

Yeah, I look super fat in most of the pictures in this album.  wtf.

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