Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hello August

31 days in July, I thought it would be a tough one but you will never know how you gonna pass each day until you enjoy how you survive each day.  Yeap looking at the calendar, it's already showed August!  How would it be difficult to pass everyday?

I have been waiting for holiday for long and here come the Raya where I am going to have 4 days of holiday continuously including weekend!  Thanks to Malays!  #feelingbless 
Of course not to forget my promise towards someone, so beside of feeling blessed I need to be aware and do what I must do.  

Talking about August, looking at the calendar, there are lots of holiday!  But that's school holiday, not public holiday. :(
I am no longer a student, so I got no privilege on having or whole week of holiday like what my sister is having!  sobs...
Seriously wishing life as a student but no, because I must look forward instead of backward.  

By the way, recently I'm in love with a watch, gonna show it here when I really get myself one!  Saving money for that!  Dear lovely watch, wait for me to bring home ya!  

ps: make it a yes to get what you want!  
ps: don't hope from others, do it when you want to!
ps: August, please be nice to me kay?  I will love you for doing that to me. ;)
ps: good night! <3 p="">

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