Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jordanian Bachelor's Night

A day before I text Jerusha and asked her when we will go out cause I still owe her something for her birthday.  She didn't reply.
The next morning, she replied.  She asked me to bring her out for the shopping because she needs a dress for dinner and then she asked me to go along to the bachelor's night at Hyatt Hotel!  (only for ladies.. Lol!!)

Seriously I thought the bachelor's night would be included guys and ladies, so I was kinda excited to join the night, at least I can get to know more friends.  But still okay la, cause I get to see lots of pretty ladies and have lots of superb food there! ;)  It was black theme so I need to have something black on myself.

Took some picture before Jer came to pick me up!  I didn't buy anything for the night, I'm so lucky that I have black dress where I usually wear for work, so I'm consider lucky!
Took some pictures with Jer before and during the event!  I regret didn't put on super thick make up cause all of the guests there were with heavy makeup!!!  Lolzz  Of course there are lots of super pretty ladies.  I didn't have the courage to ask to take pictures with them, really regret and feeling stupid now for not doing what I wanted last night.

Besides having super tasty food, I had something special too!
I had Henna on my hand!  They invited an Indian lady to specially draw Henna for the bride and guests, so I waited for so long for my turn, because I realize some people are just don't know how to queue for their turn. >.<  Still I think I'm super lucky because I have the special design among others! ;)
Awesome!!! ;))
I had superb night but with a lil tired and overload of food in my stomach.  I really gained lots of weight during this holiday!  I really have to put up my mind and start with my diet plan already or else I am going to become super round after this.

ps: I am in love with Henna!

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