Thursday, August 8, 2013

Selamat Hari Raya (Happy Holiday!)

Finally there is holiday!  I wanted to have a holiday which of course weekend is not included la, and yes!  now I'm enjoying holiday at home.  Lolzzzz  Lots of my friends were asking why not I plan for holiday trip on these few days of holiday, at least enjoy my life out from my house, but seriously I don't know where to go la.  A friend of mine did ask me for outing but I rejected as in some reasons.

Still, I decided to spend my day today to prepare food that my sister has been always asking for since I came back from University.
Cheesy wedges and also homemade sushi!  I have been long time no cook all this already because I started to become lazy since I started to work.  I would feel like damn lazy to do housework after I work, feeling damn damn tired.  So I make working and tiring as excuse not to cook at home and choose to ask them eat outside.  Lol!

Somehow, still finally I cooked!  Lolz!!
Happy Raya anyway.

Btw, here is my face of Day 3.
Not sure whether it getting better or not, but I'm sure that it doesn't get worst.  Guess it is a very good improvement already!  I can do nothing but be patient so my pretty face can become pretty back.  Lolzzz

ps: again, happy holiday peeps~

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