Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pretty, Please Don't Go Further Away! I Want YOU!!!

Recently lots of thing happen and everything seems doesn't go well.  Guess God loves me so much that's why he gave me lots of tests and exams so I can get near to the perfect level.  LoLzzz
(I am trying to psycho myself to be optimistic! )

Remember I posted about my hair?  Yeah, now left one small hole at the front which the hair stylist said the hole is the first hole of everything, and it will take another 3 months to recover.  She helped me to scan my scalp already and can see that there already have little tiny hair coming out soon which we can't see from our own eyes.  So yeah, consider recover 90% on my scalp already.  Thanks to the hair stylist, Kathelein Wong from Top Concept!
Trust me, I never been so relax with someone I don't know and trust them.  So once I really trust them, I really do.  If you want to have healthy hair scalp, please don't hesitate to go find her!  
Scroll down for the information of the shop! ;)

Now my face is no longer pretty anymore.  I don't know why I can become like that!  Oh my pretty face... :(  No more pretty me already!  I went to the beauty centre and check up what is going on to my pretty face.  It is proven that the pores on my face are pimples!  I never have so many pimples in one shot before, so damn ugly!  :(
The pimples are like pop-up suddenly!  They attacked me all together!!! :((((
Can you see the pimples?!  Damn a lot la!!!  Even though they can hardly been seen from front, but still they can been seen when you look at my side of my face!  They are so obvious! :'(
I wonder when the pretty face will come back to me...  

Here you go, the information of the Hair Saloon that I always go.  

Top Concept Hair & Beauty Supply
Kathelein Wong

Trust me, they are good and friendly!

ps: don't forget to call for booking first before you go kay~

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