Saturday, August 3, 2013

When Boredom Strikes

The whole July was so busy until last week, so I still can't get use to this tired month and now I still feel wanna request for more holiday.  (I keep yawning non-stop recently, sigh) This early morning as promised to mommy I brought her to the saloon to have her very first hair treatment. (I don't think she has any hair treatment before cause I never see her spend money on beauty for herself, she seldom pamper herself so I decided to bring her to enjoy life.)
Took this picture before went out to settle down everything.  Seriously like the blue shirt that I bought from KL during the training session last 2 weeks and the price is very reasonable!  Hehe!

Now I am having McDonalds in the house!  I called for delivery cause I saw the advertising of chicken flavour of Samurai Burger!  Yum!!!
I never say NO to food.  So you know why am I so fat now.  Hehe~

ps: let's think what to eat for dinner~  hurmp...

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