Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I got lots of things to spell out now. I have been centuries didn't update my blog, and for sure you will think what had happen to me or maybe you will just think that I am too busy my University life in Labuan.

Yupe, honestly I am really busy here.
The orientation continue although we left Kota Kinabalu. I really very frustrated with the orientation because we got nothing to do except of listen for those boring taklimat!!!
As I told you, my luggage had been sent to Labuan before I reached Labuan.
Before we reached here and on the way we came to Labuan, I was so excited.... Mana tau, a senior told us that Labuan is facing a big problem that eveybody in Labuan is facing water problem. The empangan that suplied water to us is drying like hell, that's why we got no water to use.
I am going to die when I heard the news that there will be water after the rain comes, but till now I didn't see any heavy rain yet. The seniors told us that the rain will only come in October. Oh My God!!! how can this happen??
Lots of things happen when I appear myself to the place or event. I think I shouldn't appear or register myself in this University at all.
Life without water is really suffer and we have to face this problem untill October and which sometimes Labuan will face water drying problems!!!
Oh my god!!! shit la!!!

I really hope I can go home so that I can bath for at least an hour. I have been long time didn't mandi suang suang ady!!
classes started yesterday, and I had 2 classes today.
Labuan is really very very small compare to Sabah which the University is very very small and we don't have to walk for so many hours to go Labuan....
This few days I have been busying on thinking where to get water and where to mandi. The worst thing is I don't dare to berak too cause I scare oters got no water to mandi and I scare myself got no enough water to drink too...

Please la, I think the University must do something and the goverment has to do somthing too. Just imagine that what will the international student think about the University if the water or the facilities all very very poor??

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  1. go to my house..
    my house got water..
    more than enuf for u