Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Complaints 2

I think I should be call as 'complaint queen'.
there are lots of things that i wanna complaint and pour out from my heart.
maybe are things that is good or bad, but most of them are all come from this small island called Labuan.
  1. water supply problems
  2. food expensive and not delicious
  3. the hostel is really terrible
  4. the tilam that I get is really like sucks
  5. the whether here is damn hot
although there are lots of problems, but then something excited happen today.
from last night the tangki that we used to get our water to carry up to the hostel is dried up.
this morning I ask mummy to go complain about this and finally the tangki got water.
I was so excited and quickly go to take pail and cloth from my hostel and go down to wash my face and hair then go take 2 pails of water back to my hostel and wash my cloth too.
the feeling is so so so good.
just imagine that you didnt get water for so many days then suddenly got water to use, to bath, to wash your hair.
the feeling is so so so happy and glad.

after bathing, we went to the beach there to have a walk and had our dinner at there.
the food over there is okay and kinda cheap.
Actually I had cry for 2 days when I reach Labuan. Lots of you don't know bout this because I didnt tell you all at all.
I cry because I really miss you all too much and wanna go to see every single of you if I can.
Anyway, I will be back to Kuantan in the end of the year.
wait for me yea, dun miss me too much.
if you miss me, then listen to the song

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