Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Yeap, I have learnt that skills. 
Thanks for the teaching all along.
I never thought before that I will be able to use that skill, but yet I did use it yesterday.
I’m glad that I use it too, and I do feel calm when I use it.
No bad feeling.
No hard feeling.
No even any hurt feeling.
Just like what you said.
Bare in mind on what had they done.
But tell you frankly I think I will try not to do that, I don’t want to be a vengeful person.
Is sinful…
Just let them realize by their own.
Just do what I should do.

Well I don’t mind of criticism, cause they will make me grown.
At least criticism will make me become more mature and I know my mistake from them.
I agree with you that not all of them can accept criticism, because they always think they are right.
A very good and meaningful word.
I started to like this word although I hate people say this out because I felt that this word show unserious of a person…

Anyway good morning guys and gals..
I wanted to cook something to eat but too bad, no water again….

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