Thursday, January 31, 2013

31st of Jan

I have been so lazy lately for not updating my blog that often like last time anymore.  Look at my blog achieved!  I only have 7 posts for this month and today is the last day of the month. fml.  Friends were getting better and better in writing blog which seems like they are all having amazing life out there unlike me having super busy one until I got no time to blog at all.

I don't think that my life is so busy until I can't manage to update my blog.  It is because I'm no longer using my own personal laptop in my room because my personal laptop is now in the living hall and used as the public laptop due to the desktop has been not functioning after since the flood.  (the flood really cause us lots of damage.)

Now having lots of ups and downs this month.  Ups and downs are not like emotionally but physically. wtf.  After since I came back from KL for company's annual dinner I caught flu and cough.  I even had slight fever but I ignored all that just because I don't really feel sick.  And recently I am having real bad sickness ever.  I never faced this kind of situation before.  I sick for twice in a month!!!  The second time, it wasn't the light one but really sick one.  I got high fever where I fever for 2 days continuously + flu.  Lying on the bed sleep for whole day and then when is time to eat, mommy will wake me up to eat then go back to sleep again.  Can't you imagine that life?  Yeah, true... Pig life.  fml.
(If you wanna ask about my diet?  Don't ask... Cause you should know better that eat sleep eat sleep what will happen.  Of course gain weight la.!  F.M.L)

Remember last time I said I was addicted to a game named Flow Free?  Now I'm no longer addicted to the game anymore because I had finish all the stages.  I'm now currently playing the game Line Pop which you actually have to play online from your phone!  Really very addictive one!  I will play it once I am in Wi-Fi area because I don't want to waste my precious data.

Today is the last day of January, so what have you done for the past one month?  I have done nothing but almost sick for a month.  (guess too much of outside food really can kill.)

ps: salary! =))

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