Sunday, May 5, 2013


Today is the day of me as one of the citizen of Malaysia who is now qualified to vote!  I believe the whole world also notice about this, because this is the first time ever where people in Malaysia are so alert and excited in this.  

This is the first time I involve in all this where I vote for a better Malaysia!  Everybody in Facebook is also excited about this where since March everybody has been talking about election, until lately in end of April, there are lots of videos and pictures about election.  This is the 13th election for Malaysia.  I can see there are more citizens who involved themselves in this too!  I heard mommy said last time when she went for voting, the school is very empty and few people came in the morning, but this morning when I went with mommy, I waited for nearly 2 hours just to wait for my turn to vote.  Fuh...
They have this ink for us, those who voted to avoid people from voting 2 times.  This is also the first time the government takes this action to prevent cheating.  So you can see Facebook is fulling with fingers painted.  Lol wtf.

However, something surprising me because the ink supposedly to be permanent for few days (or you can say irremovable for few days) but mine faded after I washed my hand!
Now the color is even lighter than the picture above.  Some of them even said the ink can be removed by using toothpaste.  I never try but what's the point of putting ink on finger after voting if the ink can be removed easily?  Waste taxpayers' money again?!

Talking about wasting money.
I had been receiving all this postcard from BN.  I really don't understand why they want to do this as is this necessary to be so many?  I have my mind and brain to think, if I have already make up my mind, no matter how many postcard you sent, I will still wouldn't change my mind.  Wasted all the natural sources.  Other than postcards, I also received letters from both parties.

Maybe because I'm first timer, that's why they want to win my heart so I can vote for them.  LoL!

Now I'm sitting beside TV listening to the news for the latest result while updating this!  Seriously, I feel so proud that I have done my responsible as a citizen of Malaysia.  ;)
I hope we, all the people of Malaysia can get the best government to lead towards a better future.
*pray hard hard*

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