Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Health

One day I look into the mirror and when I was preparing to wash my face, I saw something at my forehead. Out of all sudden, I realized saw a hole (a super small one, smaller than old 5 cents) on my forehead.  I thought it should be nothing so I just ignored it and continue my daily routine to work.
I told my colleague and show them my head.  They were surprise and also wonder why my head will become like that.

I started to worry because I know that that's not normal.  So I went to have a head scanning at a saloon (where I used to cut my hair there).  Conclusion from the scanning and the surface check up, I have more holes hide under my hair.  I was OMFG why the hell this will happen to me?!  From head to toe, the most satisfied part of me is my hair leh...
The only thing I can do is to start to treat my hair to reduce the hair amount from dropping.  First thing is to change the current shampoo into those expensive non-commercial shampoo.  Curious with the price?  The price is 10 times higher than the price of shampoo that you can find in Watson or Guardian.  *heartache*  I have to be 'generous' on this in order to recover.

Hopefully after a month time I will recover without doing any treatment because if I didn't recover and things get worst, I will have to spend even more for the hair treatment.  Oh God...

Anyway, don't worry la.  I am still healthy and hyperactive like usual, I can still eat, sleep and laugh loudly, just the thickness of my hair getting lesser.  That's all.  So cheers~  (still super strong, wouldn't die or collapse so fast la... lol)

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