Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Trend

I don't know since when the trend of wearing thick spectacles frame started.  Friends around started to buy those frame without glasses just to follow the trend.  I didn't really do so because I was lazy to wear contact lens and it wasn't the right time to change the spectacles too.

So since I think it is the time for me to change spectacles and I also think that I would wear contact lens more when I am working, the specs will be only wearing during night time or during when I'm relaxing.  So I decided to follow the trend!  Lol!!!  
Not a very branded specs, but it cost me nearly RM half k.  I chose for don't know how long only I can get this one.  Seriously a very thick one!  Since I want a special and trendy spectacles, so I decided to choose something wow.  I think not much people out there would choose specs like this with power glasses because they usually use a specs that without glasses as a fashion.  
(my specs power didn't increase which means there is no different of power between the new one and the old one.. the only different is the design and color jek... Lol!)
Look nerd right?!  But I think this specs is much better than the previous one!  At least I don't look old in this spectacles~  Lol!!
So easy!  I don't have to put on any make up even hang out at night!  Because the specs is thick enough to cover most of the flaw on my face!  Hahaha!!
Omfg, I am so SS!!!  But right, I already seldom take picture recently already because of the front camera of my phone is so so bad!  :(
A colleague of mine said this is an owl spectacles!  LoL!!  Funny not, some more she said I'm wearing like a professor, funny la~
What do you think then?

Btw, my friend told me that I am suitable with the fringe!  :)

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