Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Hello Kitty Fever

McDonald has launch the McDonaldLand x Hello Kitty.  Yeah, that's mean that you can get a Hello Kitty by just adding RM9.95 after you bought a set of McValue Meal (if not mistaken la, lol).  So basically this is NOT free which you have to pay to get one.

Last 2 weeks when I was about to bring sis to buy her lunch, she said she wants to have mcd as lunch so I brought her along to drive thru.  Since it was the first lauch of Hello Kitty set (Hamburglar) so I did ask her whether she wants one and so I bought.
And then on the 2nd of May, the second Hello Kitty (Grimace) was launched.  Since I already bought one, so I think might as well I collect all for as collection.  But this is the month of us (colleagues and I) having diet plan.  We have to lose weight at the end of the month, how can I have mcd at this moment?!  

Luckily a friend of mine willing to help me to buy one.  Big thanks to him so I don't have to put fast food into my stomach.  (I don't want to put fast food into my family's stomach as well... they just had fast food recently)  Anyway, out of the 4 I like Grimace the most.
Yeah, if you know me well, you would surprise why I will buy this because I also can't believe that I will buy and collect all these.  But since I bought the first already, I decided to have all four.  After 2 days (9th of May), the third Hello Kitty (Birdie) will be lauched!  Go grab one because that one also very cute and nice!

For your information, I heard other countries have already launched this promotion much earlier than we are.  Some of them posted in FB showing that they had already bought full set of the Hello Kitty when they saw us posting the first one, Hamburglar.  

ps: I think sis or bro have to sacrifice their stomach for that Hello Kitty.

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