Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Black Day On The Monday

It was the 13th election for us, Malaysian.  If you really do follow my blog all the time, you will notice I actually did post thing about the election in the previous post.  Yeah, I did my job as a responsible citizen and since that was the first time of me involve in the election so I did concern the result of the election.

Yeah, the result came out on the night of 5 of May 2013.  It was first time ever I waited for a result for so long.  From 7pm, I sit in front of TV, having dinner while watching the live news reported about the result.  Never been so excited for result before, seriously even when waiting for my SPM nor STPM result.  (see I love my country so much! wtf)

Yeah, the result was out and I believe lots of you know what happen.  I don't want to talk more about this here cause now it has been prohibited from talking nonsense.  Well, the news weren't being proven la, but still if there wasn't incident happened, there weren't be rumors spreading around.  Am I right?
(or maybe there are somebody out there really want to ruin this country)

Once the result out, all of us were so moody until most of the FB users changed their profile picture into black color, so did I.  Seriously all the rumors were hurt and I really felt sad after seeing all those 'proof' (videos and pictures)  I can hardly fall asleep that night but I had to because I got to work on the next day.

To show our dissatisfaction, we did these.
Different design and arrangement of the words.  I think this is cool and creative!  Don't you think so?
From the pictures above, do you manage to find which one is me?
This is me!

Seriously until now the issues of election is still very serious no matter in the social media and also in all media like newspapers and TV news.  Everybody is worrying incident like 513 would happen.  Sigh.

My opinion, I love this country.  I remember when I was young, I kept telling mommy that Malaysia is a very nice country where we don't have war nor nature disaster like other country.  I was proud of being a Malaysian.  After the election, I really do feel disappointed on what happen and what had been done.  I can mix well with Malays and Indians, I have Malay friends and also Indian friends.  I seriously dislike the way our 'LEADER' said about Cina Tsunami, because this sounds like we are the disaster.
To be frankly, none of us hope bad thing to happen.  We live as 1 Malaysia as what had been mentioned because we are Malaysian.


Let's pray for the best.

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