Friday, December 11, 2009

Difficult Dinner

Yesterday dinner went out with Grace and Tsiang G0r (I think you guys know who is him).
I ask Grace on Tuesday that Wednesday night we will have dinner together, mana tau she said she still has exam on the next day (Thursday), so i decided to change our time to Thursday night.

Until Wednesday night we still got no idea where we want to go makan.  I suggested go eat keling fan at first, but it seems so ordinary... Sushi King.... The Chicken Rice Shop... then East Grill (western food) pulak.... but YT said no money wor... wtf!!!
We fixed a time to go out which is 7pm, YT said that time he got thing to do, so he was not joining us...
Okayh then, i told Grace about this, then she ma ask me to tell him that we will follow his time, so ask him what time...  after asking YT, he said: you both go without me, no need to follow my time de...
wtf, i was really got mad and reply the msg and told YT and Grace that I'm not going for dinner liao...

At the end, I don't know what happen between both of them, and they finally decide to have dinner at Old Town at 8pm.  I rejected at first, but after Grace memujuk me, then I accepted the date... XD
then I smsed YT whether he go by his own or i fetch him there...

and finally we had our dinner at Old Town which is very near my house.

during makan de time got 'issues' pulak... =.='''
YT and I reached and we ordered drinks.  then mana tau when She came she said she ate at home ady and she was really full and cant add anything else into her stomach liao...
then my food was ordered and chosen by her, which is Ipoh Hor Fan; and YT ordered Nasi Lemak Special.
and she herself ordered Lime Juice... =.='''
while waiting for our food to come, we paksa Grace to order to makan... the scene was really very very funny...
(really long time didnt laugh like that ady)
after our food were arrived, YT gave me all his peanut and ikan bilis....  hey brother, next time if tak mau makan then ask them dont put la...  XD

from 8pm we ate until around 9.30pm...
long huh??

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