Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Meet Up In This Holiday

right after i back from the holiday for the wedding, i called yt to ajak him for movie, and then ajak grace along~~~
yeah, long time didnt watch movie together liao..

yesterday night i went yamcha with joe and yt... 2 boys and a gal
but today was 2 gals and a boy... l0l
yesterday that 2 boys bully me.... i was like a crown... T.T

but today i got revenge ady, i make yt as my servant~~~
hahahax he became my driver... l0l...

first, yt came to fetch me at 7.30pm then go fetch grace then to the cinema~~~
ALvin and the Chipmunks
then around 10.30pm the movie ended and we went for supper -----> dim sum~~~
that was grace idea to eat dim sum
and then i was force to think for another place to go pulak...
since i got dabao for my family, then yt fetch me back to give them food then we go eat lok lok at T&L
then to tc~~~
and the last destination is h0ome...

finally back home, i gave the present to grace and yt...
and something happen when i reach home and cause mummy scold me...
is all yt fault...

okayh, have to sleep ady, if not i will kena marah again...
night all~~~

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