Saturday, December 12, 2009

YamCha 2 in 1

Finally after 5 months I got to meet Kee~~~
miss you a lot lo... hahahax
when i found out that kee coming back yesterday, i quickly sms yt to ask him to yamcha at night.. (yesterday night)
after some nonsense smsing with yt, final decision is we will go yamcha at K&Y at 9.30pm~~~

at 9.20pm, yt came to fetch me liao!!! omg!!! he was so so so 'punctual'!!!  
i was thinking to finish watching the drama then only go out, mana tau he came so early....
to yt:
go out to kee u so punctual la... go out with us then u so 'punctual' also la!!!

around 10pm, all reach K&Y~~~
we chat and chat, laugh and laugh, until we became the noisiest customer in the restaurant... >.<
then we went for second round at mamak stall, that time was around 12am liao~~~
crazy leh~~~
but i really miss this kind of life liao~~~

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