Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Days Before Singapore

Hi guys, I'm in my grandma's house now, blogging.

The day before yesterday, i cried for almost 5 times, because i that day will be the last day for this holiday to meet most of my friends, feel a little bit of upset, but all the negativity gone after i meet them (some of my other friends).  
feel good after that.

then yesterday was the most busy day, wake up in the morning, packing then make passport...  although didnt walk here and there but waiting is the most wasting time and tiring thing for me.
i think i will going to get mad if i have to wait for the passport for whole day but luckily i just have to wait for half day. :)

at night yt sms me, i paksa him to use his digi campus to call me, and he called me in the midnight right after the clock show the next day.  which is this morning.  
hahahax, really funny.
cause over all we talk for around 30mins nia... then he fall asleep without off his phone and i let the phone be until the digi stop the conversation..

can go to singapore is a very happy thing but one thing make me suffer is i cant sms when i'm in singapore.  this is really making me suffer.  argh...
i will definitely miss them alot!!!!

tomolo 11am i will start the journey to singapore, miss you and love you~~~

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