Wednesday, December 9, 2009

5th December 2009

I know I’m late.
I know I should have updated my blog about how I celebrate my birthday right after the day of my birthday.  I’m sorry.

On the 4th of December 2009, (the day before my birthday) I was watching 绝代商娇 that given by Goh Yi-Tsiang in my room.  That time already 10pm something, suddenly my bro approached me and told me that there is a guy outside the gate and our dog was barking so fiercely to him.  My bro was surprised that I didn’t hear my dog was barking.
I went out and found out that the guy was a worker of Pizza Hut, I wondering why I stopped at my house with delivery???!!!  There were full of questions mark in my brain that time.  Then he mentioned my house address, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX…..  yup, is correct!!!  But I didn’t order pizza la… is so late already, and furthermore I’m going to sleep after watching the drama lo!!!
Then the worker mentioned the name of the owner of the pizza, is Goh Yi-Tsiang!!!
Oh my God!!!  There are more and more ‘???????’ in my mind!!!  What to do, I pointed YT’s house to the worker but he still got no idea where is it, so I pay for him then drive to his house lo… what can I do?? 2 regular pizza leh… I can’t finish them all by my own!!!
When I was going to bring the pizza to YT’s house, Yoke came to my house and told me that Kah Woon said he wanted to have dinner together, so they decided to come to my house.  Then here come Kahwoon, Grace, Harn Wei, Qiao Yi, Sam, and YT…
That time was only 10pm++, so I thought they were just really want to eat at my house… hahahax
After they finished makan, they really gone back…. >.<  that time was only 11pm something.

YT keep on smsing me after they went back, some more say raining got cannot go home la… all those nonsense…  then Yoke called me and said Sam’s cellphone is at my house, want me to open the door for her to search for the phone.  Then all came together with cake… this time add one more person, hao jien~~~
Thanks guys and gals.
Although it is not a very very surprising birthday but I think I will never forget it for the rest of my life~~~ 
Give u guys a big warm kiss here….  Muakssssssssssss  XD
The pics are all with Harn Wei, I will upload it as soon as possible right after I got them~~~

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