Sunday, January 13, 2013

Flu + Cough + Sore Throat

I never got myself into this 3 in 1 sickness.  Now I'm really in a super bad situation where I am having cough, flu and sore throat.  FML!!!  

I got the sickness on Wednesday night where I found my nose hot and uncomfortable.  I ate 2 vitamin C which consist of 1000mg but turn out I still have flu on the next day.  I got heavy flu!  wtf
If you noticed what I written in the previous post, I did mention that on the day I got flu, there was no water supply for 2 days.  I had to used tissue paper to clean my nose and now my nose has injured due to the super rough tissue papers.

On Friday I think I had fever but I just ignored it because the thermometer at home showed 36.56 Celsius which I think it is normal.  (I had all the symptoms of fever, like headache, cold, tired...) So I just ignored it and act like I'm super find until the students at night (I teach tuition at night) said I didn't look like sick!  Cool!
I didn't control what I eat although I was sick.  I still had chocolate that day until I got super sore throat once I got up in the morning on Saturday.

It was terrible one until I told mommy I want to go seek for doctor.  Usually when I am really in super suffer condition, then I will only request to seek doctor.  If you notice, I really dislike to seek doctor or take any medicine.  Had breakfast with daddy since he asked us to.  Surprisingly, my sore throat slightly disappear after the breakfast, so I decided not to go seek doctor.  (Hoping that the pain will go away silently)  

Since bro's birthday was on Friday and unfortunately that night both of us had tuition at night so we postponed the celebration on yesterday night (Saturday).  We went to have Thai food as dinner.  IF you know me well, you should know I like spicy food and I will still take it even if I have sore throat unless I really feel the sore throat bothering me.  (that time the sore throat was just little tiny one... so it didn't bothering me at all!  wtf)
And I have 3 small bowls of green curry soup.  That's why I said I deserved to get worst on the next day! fml

Before I sleep, I started to feel my throat become worst.  I can feel the pain every time I swallow my saliva.  Quickly drank a bottle of vitagen and then got into bed and sleep.

Congratz to me, because I didn't feel better on the next day but I didn't feel sick on the next day neither.  The only thing is I am having terrible sore throat.  ^^"
Finally decided to seek for doctor at least to get the medicine for sore throat.  (I don't have to pay for it cause it is under company's)  The doctor gave me medicine for fever, flu, cough and sore throat.  You know I hate medicine very much so I only take the lozenges. Lol!

I didn't dare to tell doctor that I had curry the day before I went to see her!  Doctor even said I have strong immune system as I can be so lively although I am sick!  Lol!  (Thanks to 3 litres of water per day. fml)  So now I am super glad that I don't feel sick anymore besides the little flu, cough and the sore throat left.  At least I can go to work full with energy tomorrow.  =)

ps: how come I spend so fast this month?  more than three quarter gone but now is still early of the month!  fml

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