Thursday, January 10, 2013

The New Year with New 'Gift'

As I remember, I never sick in  the year 2012.  So now the 'gift' comes, I am sick.  fml

After the flood, I got the feeling of 'Sick God' will come visit me but eventually He didn't come until I came back from training in KL.  I can feel the sickness came after that but I ignore it by eating junk food and now I have to pay for what I did.  fml.

Sickness that I hate most is flu and now I am having that sneezing all the time AND I couldn't sleep well last night due to discomfort of my throat.  The worst thing is I usually clean the snivel with running water but due to water maintenance from JBA (Jabatan Bekalan Air) my house currently got no water.  I used up lots of water just to clean snivel but then right now I can't afford to waste any drop of water so I had to use toilet paper.  I think I had used up a roll of toilet paper.  Sigh...

Wrong timing to sick la.

I need lots of water at this time but I can't really drink much water or else I will need more water to flush!  Why la...
Hopefully by this evening I can have unlimited water to use so I can drink at least 2 liters of water per day to make sure my flu goes away by this weekend cause I will have tons of work to do by next week.

ps: no medicine and no doctor... I hate both of these very much.

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