Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Working Life

I don't think people like working especially those who just came out from comfort zone like University life or school life.  I'm in the category of 'those who just came out from comfort zone'.  fml
Why dislike to work?  
To me after working, my Hong Kong drama is like become more and more which I got no time to watch them.  When I have extra free time, I will just spend myself sitting in the living room talk non-stop with my mother.  (you definitely can imagine that if you really know me well)

I think I'm still in comfort zone. wtf

After coming out from University I went for internship.  Ex-boss treated me good where I got no much work to do.  He never asked me to OT or do extra job and he even gave me super high marks for my appraisal so I can score an A in for my LI II subject.  So cool right.
Now I have been working here for more than a month.  Previously that month was also consider as honeymoon because they were having year end closing, so I just followed them out wherever they went.  Learn things from them when they were working.

Here comes the difficulties.

Working environment is not the factor of finding a perfect job.  (well, this is based on what I think, you can have your own opinion on this) Because a good working environment without a good person in-charge like manager, you will still have to suffer.  True, right?
At least I have a good manager here, he is nice!
Okay, let's talk about colleagues.  Relationship in company (relationship here means colleagues, NOT pak toh or love thingy kay!) is the crucial part too.  If you had gave good impression to your boss, but not your colleagues, you will still suffer in the company.  Why?  Because they BOYCOTT you!  fyl.  Yeah, I know this sounds pity.

I know some of you are already a nice person, but they still put you in the list of 'not good colleague' list.  If you wonder why, let me tell you.  Because they are just envy or jealous of you.  Trust me, if you are capable and nice, your supervisor or manager or boss will like you and praised you most of the time.  Then when they (colleagues) are not the one who being noticed, they will started to attack you so you would have the mindset of you are bad and then your production rate will decrease.  They (colleagues) success/completed their 'mission' that time!

So after you start to work the most important thing is your mindset.  Don't let others affect you.  Of course if it is positive one, you should learn and change but if it is a negative one, then protect yourselves from being attack.  Be strong!
Take care and Bye bye

ps: Chinese New Year is coming! =)

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