Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Missing Something

Recently I got no idea what I was busying with until I missed lots of blog and I didn't get to have my recent life update.  Seniors told me that I wouldn't be able to update my blog that often (like a day a post) when I get myself into working life.  I never want to agree to them until I started abandon here.

Don't you realize that I posted lesser and lesser post here after I end my University life?  Malaysia most popular blogger Audrey Ooi has awesome post every time she update her blog, guess that's because she has awesome and happening life.  (look at my own schedule, nothing fill up...)
Carrying the brand new year I thought I should have another breakthrough with my blog.  However, I still get back my old habit eventually.  Blogging about my thoughts and feeling but not something meaningful.  (or you think that's something meaningful?)  

Looking back with my life, I don't think my life is happening where I started to see the routine is happening everyday.  fml.  I hate routine but now I'm letting this happen to me.  Seriously fml, isn't it?
So now I really don't think I can do anything about it until I fulfill what I need to do and what I must do.  

Not just my blog.  I missed so much blog where my friends had already updated more than 3 - 5 posts!  Reading blog was my hobby and now I have started to abandon this hobby.  Argh...
Now started to think and wonder, is there any one reading my blog now?  Hurmp.... I bet nobody...

Alright, nothing is more important than being the role I'm having now.  I have to and must learn to be more responsible and undependable on everything.  Gosh, I think I still need lots of effort to reach that level.  (looking high up the sky)  Oh please, God...  Give me more strength and strong mindset to accomplish my 'mission'.  wtf

Alright, I have finish typing crap...  and is late already (late to me).
Good Night. =)

ps:  please la... stop behave like that, don't care how and what others think about you.  just be yourselves!  (special dedicate for someone, you know who you are)

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