Saturday, January 5, 2013


So we had gone through the worst year, I guess?  Why I would say 2012 as the worst year?  Because most of the people who leave on the Earth thought 2012 will be the end of the world.  Seriously, I never think of doomsday, but I know that year would be a very challenging one because the God has brought lots of natural disaster to test us.  

Well, obviously we have passed the 'examination' eventually because I'm typing my blog now and you are reading my blog now. =)  How awesome, right!  So now look around see who is beside you, go kiss them and hug them to thank them and congratz them of still being alive. wtf

Saying of new year, everybody would come out with their new year resolution and if you realized I did mention about my resolution last year which I don't think resolution should be posted out loud for everybody to see but resolution must be set in the mind and achieve it with your own spirit and discipline.  I did achieve my resolution eventually but I am not sure whether things that I achieved were all my 2012 resolution. #facepalm

So I think it would be better if I set one in public this year.  I want to be something this year instead of nobody.  Wanna prove myself on something.  So let's see on the coming post regarding my resolution!  Stay tune!!! =)

ps: Happy New Year! =)

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