Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas' Eve With Water

How did you celebrate your Christmas' eve last few days?
I had my worst Christmas' Eve this year.  I mean really worst one.  I usually have fun on Christmas' eve like shopping or movie with friends and then awesome Christmas like having breakfast and nice dinner on the Christmas!  But everything has gone different this year.

I went back alone from grandma's house on the 23rd of December, it was only super low rain but at night of the day, it rained heavily for the whole night.  I wasn't aware that the water level at the back corridor of the house rised!  The water in drain over flowed.  I was super nervous and called mommy to tell her about the situation.  I waited for the water level to decrease before I went to work.  I work at 8.30am but I went to work at 9.20am that morning.  Before I went out from the house, I did move all those important stuff like new shoes and clothes on chair or sofa so at least thought that they will safe.  
Unfortunately, at around 10am something, the sky started to rain heavily again.  I got the bad feeling that my house is going to flood.  My colleagues and I were sitting at the office, looking down at the street, watching people driving or you can say that as half diving (because the water level is already more than a half car tyre!)  Watching the 'wonderful' scene and imagine back what will be happening at my home there (which nobody at home and my dog was all alone!)  
Looking at the water level, risen until we must move our car to higher place.  We went down to our parking area and drove our car to the shopping mall and park at the third floor.  We had to simply park by blocking the 'legal' parking slot which already occupied but of course we didn't block the way la.  It was around 12pm that time.

I collapsed.  I cried.
Mommy said they were coming back home so they can help me.  I asked them not to come back cause I afraid the flood still will go for days.  (they insisted of course)
I can't do anything, because at that moment, all I can do was make sure that my car was saved!  So we went to have pizza in the mall. wtf.  Until around 3pm, we heard that most of the place were clear and saved.  So I went back home immediately.  Oh, forget to mention my dog was saved by my neighbour!  Lucky him! =')
Can you imagine how if the scene above appear in front of you when you opened you house door.  I was so damn shock seeing the mess that cause by the water!  Water....
Do you see the line above the bicycle??  That's the water level during the flood.
Books were all gone!  We only managed to keep some and had to dry them out when the Sun comes out.

Seriously, I don't know this flood would bring such impact.  My family and I had packed for almost a week but there were still bunch of stuff that isn't complete...  I think that was the worst flood to me since I was born and I don't think I will get to sleep nice at night when the sky rain heavily.  Phobia man!  

Let's pray there wouldn't be any disaster in the future, but I think I'm lucky because at least we are still alive and nobody in my family got injured due to the natural disaster.  =)

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