Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I'm An Adult Now

I don't know what should put this as title.  You know what?  I actually have lots of confession to confess here, but when time passed and I now I'm no longer the Cai Yi that I was where I posted everything in blog.  I don't think here belong to me anymore but belong to the whole Internet users where I can't confess everything here anymore.  I can only filter up everything before confession.  

I'm an adult now.

Last time, no matter how busy am I, I will definitely spend an hour or few hours to update my post and sharing around with friends how I feel but now I couldn't do that anymore.  I must aware of what I am posting.  Guess this is like what one of my friend said, we must learn to be different people when we are facing different kind of people.  

Oh yeah, about my name.  If you could notice, I used to use Cai Yi and I changed to Chai Yie recently.  Even in my Facebook or my new name card I am already using Chai Yie instead of Cai Yi already.  This is like Feng Shui la actually.  I had been unlucky recently so someone just helped me and she suggested me to use this name unless for those very important occasions only I use my original name.  Well, the pronunciation still the same, so don't worry of calling the wrong name of mine.  =)

Talking about luck, recently I mean the whole year I couldn't find my luck becoming any good at all.  However I am super sure that God loves me because He protected me all along until I'm still alive and healthy now typing here updating my blog.  God Blessed ME!
Yeah, I know right...  It is so important to be grateful and blessed all the time so I can appreciate all the things I have in present and also past.  

Last time we used to yum cha with friends as social way but now in the working rules, my colleague forces me to drink 'western tea' instead of just yum cha.  You know what is 'western tea'?  It is also called or known as beer.  fml
I don't like to drink actually but I always forced to drink and with all the excuses of table manner, I have to drink the whole cup one shot.  Seriously that really suffered me a lot but somehow I have to show a lil manners where I will drink some and not finish it, cause I really can't finish it due to the weird taste of the beer.  

I wonder, why some people will think beer taste nice.  Guess they will ask me, why is plain water taste great to me!  Lol

Somehow, like my tutor said.  (I guess it would be more appropriate to say he is my tutor or keep saying my friend.  Lol)  I must learn to be social-like, learn to drink and be more tolerate with one another which I'm sucks in being tolerating.  Seriously thank God I have friend like him where he would tease me so I can become a better person where he would say out my negative and asked me to change.  (I wonder I got become a better one already or not... lol)

You know what is the best moment for me?  The best moment of mine is spend the day have shopping or window shopping with songs inside my ear, and then sit down in Starbucks with a cup of hot chocolate with a book on my hand and songs in my ear for the rest of the evening.  Super relaxing and peace moment.  I guess.

ps: I'm enjoying now also because I'm having my headphone with songs while updating blog!  It has been since very very long time I did like this already.

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