Monday, November 4, 2013

Sorry Title + Updates

I am so sorry for not update the blog for this long.  I mean is like 2 months since the last month I update!  Sorry...

I am so not good recently as in I'm not in super good mood when I am typing this because of someone.  He just said that I look fat already and that stupid sentence had just ruined my mood.  I'm so useless!  Damn...  I don't know why after working I have been difficulty in losing weight already.  So I look plump now, people who want to praise me will say I'm cute but people who wanna tease me then they would say I'm fat.  

Recently there were lots of story from friends, especially those that related to relationship.  I seriously couldn't except what they are doing and how they are acting with all the situation, I don't know why and they would say I'm old-minded because I act like an old lady thinking.  Fml
Just to me life are always beautiful and perfect, I never know that all the triangle or square relationship will really come to my wonderland.  So when this happens to my friends beside me, I would feel that that is really unacceptable.   

Oh ya, after working for almost a year, I finally got my confirmation letter.  I know right, this is like 'what?  now only you got your confirmation??? '  I know right, I know right!!!  People take 3 or 6 months to end their probation but I took almost a year time to end my probation, really so shameful.  *digging big hole*

This weekend there will be annual dinner of my company but this time no longer in KL or Selangor area but in Port Dickson!  I never been to Port Dickson before and this gonna be the first time for me to go there.  Guess what is the theme that they fix for the night?  BEACH WEAR !  The first thing came to my mind of beach wear is bikini, so I'm going to wear that together with sarong to the night.  Trust me, this is so gonna be my very first time for everything.  wtf

For the bikini, will show you guys the picture later after the annual dinner.  Haha! But I really feel paiseh to wear bikini only.  Lolzzz  No body shape to share to public leh~
I think that's all for now, will update again soon.  I promise.

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