Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Tutor


就证明了你自己的内心世界的其中一部分“没有被满足” ,赶快去探讨深思是什么原因,要有能力的去和不满一同走在一起。


而内心的不满足就使我们要对方做出满意的东西 “为什么你讲话那么大声?” 之类的。




I'm lazy to to translate into English but you go for Google Translate, I believe you will find the translation funny because I think it is funny.  Don't worry if you really don't know how to read Chinese, you can PM me for the meaning or go for Google Translate which it will give you slightly accurate meaning.  LoL

My tutor sent this to me and ask me to figure out myself.  However, in the end of course he explained to me again.  Somehow life is always + or - , or you can say every shape has it different faces, even something round has different angle of faces.  It is like how we see something or how we want something to be.  Thoughts and thinking.

I'm not a perfect person, I am sure about it too but of course sometimes when something happen I choose to ignore the thing happen or just have the attitude of 'let it be'.  I never know that this could be a problem, cause I thought that this is actually a way of reducing problem from creating more problems.  I am just trying to avoid from creating more problem.  Until this fella told me about this only I realize that actually this is what we call as avoiding to face the problem in the other of way of thinking.  Well, what he says was true too, it depends how I think of that problem.  

Somehow, this has become a habit of mine.  I would rather choose to keep quite and then complain to others (well, complain for nothing also actually) then I wouldn't voice out or tell the problem out to the person who involve.  Also I admit that I always choose to run away from scene rather than stay to help up.  Selfish, I would say. fml

Many people would say I am stubborn to listen to advises, but I would say that I am lazy to change my habit which I am now need to overcome this bad habit as well.  

Still, God Bless Me.

ps: nah... 2 posts today leh... Lol!

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