Wednesday, November 13, 2013

More Sexy Pic of ME!

Okay I need to update something already.  Looking back the history, this month is the most hardworking month I guess.  Cause this month has the most posts that had been updated!  See, I really spend my precious time here dy, trying hard not to abandon you anymore baby.

Just to share more pictures of the night for those who don't really stalk me from Facebook or I would say, my friend didn't tag me in Facebook, that's why I share here.  LoLzzz
Look at my sexy back!  Do I look fat looking me from my back? (I'm in the purple pink bikini with sarong)  Seriously, this would be my sexiest wearing ever!  Hao Hai Xiu  (shy *blush* )

Because I was having p*****, so I couldn't join the water game but instead of that I take pics with HQ colleagues which most of them I don't even know their name!  Lolzzzz
Let me show you some pictures now.
I drank, really drank and you can see that from my face!  Lolzzzz

After the night and after the picture was expose to Facebook especially the one with my naked, sexy back, there are people who come approach me.  Like friends who didn't contact me for long find me in all sudden and asked me why was I so sexy and told me that I should take more sexy pictures.  Lolzzz
Don't think that this is a good thing to me but a friend of mine said this is a good thing because that's mean I am actually a pearl oyster because after I open my shell, I'm as bright as pearl!  

ps: I thought I am always pretty?  Hahahaha!

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