Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Superb Annual Dinner 2013

Last month we received an email informing us that 9th of November will be our annual dinner.  The theme of the annual dinner will be BEACH THEME, so we have like more than a month time to prepare for the theme.
So you know la I always excited on decorating those fashion and love to explore this kind of things one.  So I went to search Google Image for beach wear so I can match with the theme and at the end I came out with an idea that is wear bikini inside with sarong batik outside.  

I was looking for bikini online but it seems like all are pre-order, and for those that are ready stock I need to spend more than 100 bucks!  So I rather give up on searching online.  Some how I went to search for scarfs for the sarong and was thinking to just use bra as inner wear.  Guess I'm lucky enough cause I see promotion!  There was promotion where I can have 2 pairs of bikini with only 100 bucks!  So I asked my colleague (a.k.a. mama) to share with me.  I finally have my very own bikini then.  Hee~ 
Well well, I don't have sexy body shape and with super big tummy so I can't just wear the bikini like that walking around, so I have to find a way to cover up those ugly part of mine.  By the way, the bikini are awesome right?  I really have to do something with my body shape so I can wear like this bikini and have sun bath overseas (Bali perhaps?)
I actually know where we were staying before we heading to the hotel.  We stayed in Thistle Hotel (5 stars hotel leh), the swimming pool there is big and they even have private pool for our party!  Awesome right?! So that's the view from my balcony of my room!  Superb!

However, the worst part is I am having menstrual so I was unable to jump into pool and have fun with others, plus we were quite late when we reach the hotel, so we would rather to use the time to prepare and make up for the night than swimming.  Lol!
After done the preparation, the must thing that we would do is pictures time!!!  We think we are pretty after dress up and make up, so we don't want to waste this opportunity and take picture non-stop!
There are more pictures coming on, but sorry I don't have pictures with me...  Lolzzz!  No choice, I'm using China made phone, so the camera is not nice!

Hey, I have the six sense telling that one of us will be going to get lucky draw this year, and it happened that I'm the lucky one!  I got a power bank!  Thank you CBSA.  :)
That night was awesome, I drank, I dance, I hug!  Lolzzzz  
I was having menstrual but I ended up in the pool.  I was totally got wet but it was fun la, relationship of me and HQ colleagues got closer.  Haha!  If you were asking me which one having more fun, the previous annual dinner or this one, I would say 'Of course this one la!'  Lolzzzz....

Can we have this level or higher level of fun again during sales launching?  Seriously I enjoyed!

ps: I was so lucky and the luck will continue~

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