Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Hello Kitty Fever Is Back AGAIN!

I think McDonald is very evil.  I mean McDonald is a devil!  They have the previous Hello Kitty Collection and now it comes back again.  Sigh.  I collected the whole collection of Hello Kitty last time with having McDonald as lunch every once a week for 5 weeks!  Can you imagine that?

Hello Kitty Collection  You can read my previous post about the Hello Kitty.

The new collection of Hello Kitty with the theme Fairy Tales is really damn nice.  This collection is nicer than the previous one but too bad I am not allowed to buy any of it anymore.  Mommy has been nagging me since after I bought the previous collection.  

After you see the picture I bet you will also think that they are so cute!!!  I really can't resist from buying them la, but at the same time I also dislike the nagging from mommy...  So I have to let go from buying them already or else my ears are going to pain for long.  

They are so damn cute la... sobs...

ps: anyone out there willing to give me whole set without asking me to buy?  Lolzzzz
ps: I am really day-dreaming...  Haha

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