Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Pre-Watch

I am in love in a watch which I saw last few months.  When I was having my window shopping, I went into a watch shop and try out some watches.  Actually I do have the intention to buy one for myself but I couldn't find one that I really love it very much until I met this one.
Can you see how gorgeous is her?  I am in love with her already from the first sight.  I decided to get her but I was out of budget.  So until I went to KB (Kota Bharu) last 2 weeks, my Boss has a friend who actually have this watch business so I asked him about this watch.  (I actually can hardly find in Kuantan already because the one I saw already sold out. ) 

I am glad that he has one!  So now my colleagues are helping me to collect for me from there!  I am soon going to have this baby with me.  I'm so in love now!  
Before I having this, I got another good news from mommy.  She said she will give me a watch as my birthday present!  WHICH I am going to get this for free!!!!!   

Thanks mummy!!! 

For your information, this watch cost me RM0.5k.  

ps: guys, save money for my birthday present please... Lolzzzz
ps: I really love the watch like crazy!

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