Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spaghetti Night?

It was last night.  Chun Chun and Hun Hun help me buy toilet paper.  Then I go down and take from then when they back to campus.  That time the sky was crying and they have to walk under the rain to bring toilet paper for me.  Then Chun Chun said the toilet paper cost RM30.  I was so blur and trusted him, hmmm….

Then when I reached home, I told my roommate about the toilet paper (we share for it) then she was so shock with the price cause last time she bought with only below RM20!  Wtf!!!  Chun Chun, how can you bully me la… T_T
Then I ‘scolded’ him in msn.  Then he said Hun Hun said I just have to pay RM15.50 (the original price of the toilet paper) but I have to treat them Pizza or McD.  But who knows, at the end I have to cook for them…  swt la….

Suddenly want me to cook for them. This sem I didn’t cook anything before but suddenly want me to cook spaghetti.  Hmmm….
Don’t blame if it is not nice!!!

p/s: just realize the last name of Chun Chun and Hun Hun = my brother Cause my brother’s name is Chun Han.  =.=|||

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