Thursday, April 15, 2010

Here am I~

You are very popular within the community; you can get things done by just chatting… To even enemies!
Well, I really have to admit that…  I really can get things done by just chatting.  But (there are always a but in the end of the story) chatting and friends are two different things.  Please don’t mess them up.

You have a pretty good business mind, you are often have no-idea what is today is like, or tomorrow is like, you are a person who does anything when your head thinks "let’s do this". You will be famous if you open up a business, get involve in share dealings, music etc…
Yeah, of course.  Just do it when you want it to be.  Why want to make things complicated??

Very popular with sense of humor,
Nah… I don’t think I’m humor enough, but what I know is I am good in laughing.  They always say the points of laughter of mine are to low liao, that’s why I can laugh that much.

You are the one your friends and families will always ask for help and you are the one actually get money on credit and help your friends.
Help?? I’m busybody enough that’s why I will help. =p

You will have more than 1 relationship, but when u get settle down you will be a bit selfish anyway. Coz your other half will have a pretty good amount of control in you, be careful! You tend to go for other relationships! Contacts even you are married at times 'coz your popularity... You are someone who gets along with anyone coz the number 5 is the middle number…
I’m not very sure about this then.  I’m not in any relationship yet and I don’t think I will have more than 1 relationship because that is really sinful to do that.  Selfish?  I’m selfish…  I usually get along with anybody but I will still pissed off with those who make me hate them much!  This one really not accurate lar…

Changes & freedom lovers you are!
Yeap! This is true!!! I love freedom and nobody can take my freedom away from me!  Who manage to do that I will either kill that person or fall into that person…  Hahax. =p

You are an explorer with magic on your face. You learn your life through experience and it's your best teacher!!! Your best match 1, 2, and 9.  Good match 6, 8!!!

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