Thursday, April 29, 2010

Last Paper Left!

Wanted to update my blog last night, but the mood wasn’t there for me although there were lots of things in my mind to share out.  Maybe is not about the mood, maybe is I’m too lazy already. =p

Yesterday I had two papers in a day, which means one paper in the morning and another one in the afternoon.  Cool huh?  But I think if the papers are not difficult, then is not a problem for me.  Till now, I have finished up 6 papers.  Yup, that’s a lot but till then it has become past tense and my face has shown more and more smiley face.  Well, guess how many subject left until I back to the warmest place?  ONE!!!  Left one subject only which is Corporate Communications.  I’m now in holiday mood already, I got no mood to study at all, just wish to play and go back.

Yesterday night we had a small meeting with our Mandarin teacher, guess that will be the last lesson for us because he is going to retire soon although I keep begging him to stay until we finish our class next year.  I know this is a very bad and selfish of me because he is now 66 years old, and he has his family life to enjoy.  After that kind of thinking, I didn’t ask him to stay to teach us already, because I feel sinful that I want such old man to work as he actually can enjoy his retired life few years ago.

While our Mandarin lecturer was giving explanation on HSK, I was messaging with another lecturer about the tips of our last examination.  But who know he is too kind to call me back and we talk about 10minutes ++.  Hey, hey, please don’t misunderstand!  I want to ask questions but he keep misunderstand what I was asking and he explain things that I do not want to know.  Then I talked and wanted to stop his explanation but who knows he said: “dengar dulu, dengar apa yang saya cakap dulu.”  Fine!  He is the lecturer ma… so have to give him face lo!!! Hrng!!!

Well, life still goes on…
We should appreciate what we have today and look forward but not compare with the past.
Smile and face every problem that you are going to face.

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