Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Do I have the right to get angry?  I have the feeling of sadness now, although I know they are happy with it.  There are lots of anger in my stomach, nobody can I speak to.  *sigh*

Sometimes I wonder am I acting selfish to other?  I have been thinking of everybody’s feeling when I want to make a decision or when the decision make by me being change by others but I still have to act nothing to please others.
I do feel tired of this.  Really tired of this.
When will other people understand what I’m thinking, what I want?

Argh, maybe is impossible to find that in this campus.
I’m now waiting for my food and finding happiness my own~


  1. my advice be urself ... no need care bout other tooooo much ...ya we need to care it but dont until over ur limit ... and if really ur good fren thy should can see and forgive wat ever u done ... so cheer ...

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