Monday, April 5, 2010

This few days......

Hello all, miss me already? 
I’m so sorry that I didn’t update my blog that often.  
I know that you guys been waiting for my update too.  >.<
Yeala, I’m perasan la…
Okayh, let me start my story.

These few days, it has been the busiest time for me. 
Assignments, assignments and assignments nia. 
They said this consider as University Life, but for me may be once a while can la don’t everyday also have to rush for assignment and stay up for whole night cause I will exhausted de leh…
Finally I have finished multimedia assignment which means left Technopreneurship, JAVA, and Mandarin assignment. 
I think next I will go on with Technopreneurship and JAVA. 
Gambateh Wong Cai Yi!!!
This week will be super busy week for me. 
Hope I can cope for it.

Decoration of SSIL Night half way on it.
Java report half way also.
Technopreneurship haven’t start any yet.
Mandarin…  slides show done already but lots of words I don’t know how to read at all.

I really hope this week can end fast, so that busy life can end and I can enjoy for the night. =)

p/s: hope my backache can recover soon… I don’t want to walk like a grandma… T.T 

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