Monday, April 19, 2010

Study Week (ends)

I really need some break…
So is time for me to blog again~
Yupe, I went to town today to buy materials for our dinner.
They are so lucky to have the chance to taste and eat what I cooked.  Since Chinese New Year until now, my family doesn’t have this wonderful chance. 
Guys & Gals, you all should appreciate this precious time. xD
Well, anyway… hope you all really feel the taste great la.  If got chance I don’t mind of making another western food for you all de. 
But with one condition: must finish up all the food that I make.

After the whole night of studying, I take some break and take some picture of mine…  Well, is ugly… cause there are pimples on my face!!!
Argh.. I hate pimples!!!
But what to do?? They come when I have tension and I guess my blood is not clean enough…
OMG!!! I just realize that it has been weeks I didn’t eat fruits!!! Oh cannot liao… later have to buy some fruits to eat liao!!!

Sharing is caring, so I decided to share the pictures that I just captured with you guys…

( I know is suffering to see my pictures~ but sorry la…. I prefer you to vomit~~~ hahahahax)

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