Sunday, April 25, 2010

Holiday Trip For Sem Break?

Examinations are still on its way.  And we are on our way of studying, studying and studying.  Honestly, this is really suffering. 
Some of them saw my previous posts and wondering why am I stress out.  To be frankly, this is the first time I feel stress on my studies.  I also got no idea why am I having such situation this time cause mummy never want me to score high marks in my studies.

Thanks for those who care about me and approach me to ask upon my situations.  I appreciate that.  For those who didn’t even care about me but still happy with what I got, go ahead continue your happiness by building disaster on other people, you will get karma soon.

Well, people should look further and forward.  We hate examinations, so we should look forward to the holidays that are coming soon.  (can’t wait! ^.^)  We should have enjoy the holidays since is 2 months long, but I guess I should do something during my holiday.  I think I want to teach tuitions to earn some extra money.  What to do? Cause I want to earn some pocket money for me to go holidays with friends. 

Since I suggested going for holiday, then I suppose that we go with University friends.  First, we were like suggested Genting Highland.  Then the respond was: harh… Genting ar???  A little bit lame lar…  Okayh lo… Then we suggested Pulau Langkawi, but they said too far away.  The Pulau Redang but one of them is going there with his ex-classmates. 
So we postpone our discussion until today.

After sort of discussion and revision about JAVA in library, (it is really difficult to make JAVA fall in love with me…  I should spend more time before this but not last minute. Sigh.) we had small discussion in the cafeteria about the Holidays trip.  After 5 minutes of crapping, they decided to go Pulau Redang.  I didn’t oppose what they suggest, cause I know I should respect their opinion.  To be frankly, I don’t mind of going one more time to this wonderful beach but I don’t feel like going with another group of friend.  Yeap, I know that you might say: we can make new friends.  But for me, it is not the best enjoying way for me.
Erm… how to explain it a… 
If go with that group of friends, is seems like we have another gang.  Do you understand?  Let’s say, you bring a group, then I will have another thinking of mind that I will bring my gang so that I won’t be lonely when you are enjoying with you friends.  (don’t understand? This is because you don’t know me.  Go read the previous post, MY PREVIOUS POST then u will understand.)
I just want to go with our own gang, I don’t hope to mix.  If want to mix then, what is the different that I go with my own friend and you go with your own friend? 

I know you will sure ask me to raise my opinion about this, but I don’t want disappoint them.  I hate to do that and why want to make others unhappy because of me?  I don’t want to be that selfish and I don’t want to make situation bad. 
I do hate myself doing that sometimes, cause it will make myself into bad situation when others are happying.  Well, guess this is so called sacrifice. 

Okayh, shake shake the head!  *shake shake*
Now all the unhappy things gone! Cause there are still time till that can and I want to concentrate my JAVA after I bath! 
Oh god! Please, I just don’t want to retake any of the subject. >.<

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