Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Beginning Stress

FUh, I just realized one thing.  I have become lazier and lazier as I update my blog like once a week! (or maybe longer)  Wow!!!  Where is the spirit that I used to have?  My life has been so lifeless recently.  Everyday I am doing the same thing: eat, sleep, drama, cook, and class...  Damn annoying life!  Oh ya, I should add another important thing in the routine --> FYP

Other than FYP, I guess all of the third year students are preparing the same thing which we should start to find company to do our internship already.  Starting date will be 25 June until 14 September (12 weeks).  I know it would be the toughest time for that 12 weeks for me as I never really expose to society before this.  I was a fully protected child like what my teacher said before.
Until now, mummy still wants me to be her side during internship.  I also wish to get internship in my hometown but from what I see now, it is little bit difficult as there are too little IT company that willing to hire fresh grad...

When I think of FYP, I feel like I want to end this school life as soon as possible but when I think that I'm working soon, I don't hope to end my school life. =(  Contradiction...

I know I have been concerning too much, thinking and concerning things that I can't control and things that I shouldn't been thinking right now.  I think about where to stay if I really have to work other place, I worry about the accommodation after this.  So many things that I think.  I know I shouldn't think all this until I confirm to get a company but all this matter just came into my mind!  Plus, I worry about whether I can cope with the company or not because I am sure that in this 3 years I learn nothing.  Seriously nothing.
I am a slow learner and I am very sure about this cause I never get into track when others have already master theirs!

So many things to worry and so many things to do!

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